Welcome to B2LD!

We are more than a company.

We are the core of the Earth.

B2LD Enterprises is an entertainment company that is taking over the world.

  • We make it a point to sign artists that would get no recognition from other so-called labels, for such ludicrous claims that they "have no talent" or "eat a lot of ass" or "slept with AIDS-infested tribal leaders in Somalia in order to pay for their recording costs". We look past that, and see them for what they are: gargling beauty.
  • We do not sign artists based on their profitability or their genre. Anyone gets a chance with B2LD.
  • We support DRM-free music. Actually, we support free music altogether. It is our stance that no one associated with B2LD will ever require payment for music.
  • We support equally films that are overwrought with message, or films with no meaning other than the chipmunks on the screen. We support more equally, though, films with meanings that no one gets, or where people see meaning where there is none.
  • We support nonviolent piracy.
  • We want you to add content. To edit a page, first, register with the website. Then, apply for a membership. Or enter the secret password that's on the sign up page. Then, go to the page and click the Edit button. We really want you to. Study the format of the other pages. We don't want to have to edit your stuff.

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