b3nnic3 is a Lieutenant Spammer of the Intergalactic Order of Spam and founding member of B2LD Enterprises.

Early Life

b3nnic3 was born on planet ?PD-ï+¼îVû?»-ßuß° in the NGC 1569 galaxy. After several unsuccessful attempts at killing sprees, he decided to enlist in the Navy of the Intergalactic Order of Spam. A grueling series of tests and interviews revealed that he could be assigned to diplomatic missions and he was sent to Earth soon after. After a safehouse was secured, b3nnic3 spent 12 years adjusting to the customs and attitudes on his assigned planet while doing research for the Order. During his research, he found the website Newgrounds. This connected him to more people, including Emyu (Read more at Team Spam).

Personal Life

During his study of Earth art, b3nnic3 became a fan of many of his subjects, thinking they hold the key to the universal truths investigated by the Order.

During one of his annual vacations from Naval work, he briefly became known as the BTK Killer or Dennis Rader. These are the aliases he used in an ongoing and massive deception against the United States public and government when he posed as and confessed to the crimes of a famous serial killer who still has not been caught.


Team Spam
Plane of Torment Films
RAD! Magazine
Holy Folk!
Anthropophagy Productions

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