Culture Of Pd I Ivu Ssuss

The culture of Pd I Ivu Ssuss thrives, based on the many artists from its cities.

Pd I Ivu Ssuss is dominated by the Homo spamiens. Similar in build to their close relatives, Homo sapiens, spamiens have highly evolved mental capabilities, rendering most of the species totally insane.

The militant emphasis on artistic endeavors on the planet is a result of the occupation of the Vrykk. After the takeover of the Order during The Great Riots, to prevent any future suppressions of culture, many programs were instituted to promote art and creativity.

The culture of the spamiens developed in many ways similar to the sapiens. For instance, the symbol of the middle finger extended is merely the spamien word for birds. The current most common language of the spamiens, 73rd Spammalonians, contains both verbal and physical expressions. There is no verbal equivalent, for instance, for the middle finger.

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