Dead&Dying (as their logo is) is a goth rock band.

Current Members: Functioning
Jimmy Pope: Lead Vocals (2002-present)
Peter G: Guitar (2003-present)
Jeremiah Ring: Drums (2001-2003, 2006-present)
6476386: Bass (2000-present)
Gideon Dean: Synth (2000-present)
Isaiah Nine: Screaming (2005-present)

Previous Members: Death by Necrosis
Mr. Jhon Kreep: Guitar (2001-2003)
Jaq-o-L@ntrine: Drums (2003-2006)
Angel Masstodon: Vocals (2000-2002)
Mikal Keroscene: Backup Screaming (2006-2007)


Originally a death-trance band named sparksystem, composed of Gideon Dean and James Grott (6476386). The two met Angel Villasenor (Masstodon) through friends, and added him as a singer. Angel had a very distinct Mexican accent, which gave sparksystem a unique sound in the trance scene. A year later, they met Jhon Kreep and Jeremiah Ring, both of whom had played together previously. After practicing together, they decided to change into a full gothic rock band, as well as change their name to Dead&Dying. A few months later, D&D released num, their first studio album. It was met with mixed response from their fans, as some saw it as selling out to the mainstream gothic music scene, and others saw it as merely broadening their appeal to the entire goth-culture. Notably, this album was never reviewed by any respected journalist, as none could sit through the entire album.

Early 2002, Angel left to start a solo project, called Death to Gringo America. In need of a singer, Jeremiah reaches out to an old friend of his, Jimmy Pope, to sing at a few shows for D&D. The chemistry between them worked so well that Jimmy decided to join permanently.

During a show in Chicago, Jhon was dropped on his head while crowdsurfing, and suffered a concussion. He was so shaken by the event, that he stopped playing shows with D&D for the remainder of the numLOCK tour. As a stand in, James' younger brother, Peter Grott (Peter G) played guitar. At the end of the tour, James proposed that Peter be put on as permanent guitarist. The rest of the band agreed, with the exception of Jhon, who was still locked in his house, and Jeremiah, who was disturbed that members could be traded for others so quickly. Jeremiah subsequently quit the band.

In an interview, James was asked about the firing of Jhon. He replied, "It wasn't about Jhon, me, or Peter. Dead&Dying will always be about creating the best possible music we can. And to do that, the members must be dedicated to that cause. It was obvious, by his actions, that he was not at all loyal to us. Also, he was kind of an asshole. So, you know. Fuck him."

After the firing, the band went into the studio and recorded Hot Egomanias. This is notable for being their only album without drums on it. The sound is reminiscent of early sparksystem, with heavy emphasis on synthesizers.

A month before they were set to start their tour, they are approached by Jaq (o-L@ntrine) of MaggotFUZZ fame, with interest to join as drummer. Realizing that in order to play any older songs, they would need a drummer, they take him on.

In 2004, Leviathan was released. It features the most grindcore influence of any D&D album.

In 2005, Jimmy underwent throat surgery, as he injured his voice from screaming. He recovers, but not wanting to damage his voice further, Isaiah Nine, a friend of Jimmy's, joins as screamer.

In 2006, Jaq leaves "due to personal reasons". What the reasons were are unknown to this day. Jeremiah is contacted, and decides to rejoin the band. Apocryphal Abaddon is released to lukewarm reception.

Mikal Keroscene joins in November 2006. From the beginning, there are creative differences between him and the rest of the band. In January 2007, Mikal is fired from the band.

D&D is currently working on their new album, currently untitled.

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