Dougler is a musical project comprised of Doug Hembree.


It all began one fateful day in 2005, when a pile of steaming shit, recently formed, had come in contact with a barrel of toxic sludge, and became sentient. With this, the steaming pile of shit questioned it's existence, after constant abuse by it's maker. It soon ran away, and discovered a program called 'sound recorder'. Soon, it learned how to use this program proficiently, and experimented with another program called music maker. This steaming pile of shit was quite ambitious, hoping to create great music in the future. The first song it recorded was called 'samurai sam'. From there, everything began to evolve. Although Samurai Sam was merely the product of a steaming pile of shit, it was the beginning of something great.

After countless tries, this steaming pile of shit had begun to create something beautiful. A masterpiece. This masterpiece was called 'Dougleratedtechno.mp3' After this, it took on a new name, Dougler. Soon enough, it also took on a new form. It became a living, breathing human being, able to walk, talk, eat, and shit like every other human being.

Dougler, the most highly evolved pile of human feces ever to exist, worked more and more ferociously to create better and better music, and upon his release of his first album, samurai sam, he had proved creationism completely wrong through his own evolution, that from a pile of shit to an aspiring artist of B2LD. Did I mention he's human now too?

However, the evil forces of creationism still plot against Dougler, trying to destroy him every chance they get, waging a silent war against him.

Now you too can join the fight against creationism, by downloading Dougler's debut album, Samurai Sam, or his second album, Aural Dysentery!


Dougler is a solo project by Doug Hembree.


Samurai Sam (2008)
Aural Dysentery(2008)

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