âµñ (pronounced: əmnh, latinized: Emn) is the only moon of ?PD-ï+¼îVû?»-ßuß°. It is a captured asteroid.

Soon after âµñ settled into orbit around ?PD-ï+¼îVû?»-ßuß°, the Homo spamiens began exploring the asteroid. They found it had great stores of ice and this caused the ?PD-ï+¼îVû?»-ßuß° government to decide to terraform it. After many hundreds of years, the process was complete and the first immigrants from the planet went over to the new moon. The new citizens quickly set up a government similar to the one on ?PD-ï+¼îVû?»-ßuß°, eventually decided to become independent from its motherland and setting up legislation that keeps the two governments separate but still somewhat responsible to each other.

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