Emyu is an artist and founding member of B2LD Enterprises.


Born on âµñ to a family of researchers, studying the effects of Vrykkian cells on plant life. This is irrelevant to how Emyu would grow up.

At the age of 19 ?PD-ï+¼îVû?»-ßuß° years, Emyu killed seventy-three people in a spaceport and hijacked a cruiser to ?PD-ï+¼îVû?»-ßuß°. Once there, he found the nature of the Intergalactic Order of Spam to be in line with his own philosophy of life (except for the slaughtering part), and decided to join. He quickly rose through the ranks, achieving the position of diplomat to Earth, a highly dangerous destination. He lands in Arizona, a state in the United States of America (sic). Once there, he began his research on the native dominant species, homo sapiens. He found the website Newgrounds through his search, and through that, was put into contact with another diplomat, b3nnic3 (read more at Team Spam). Recently, he was relocated to Quadrant 38, the North American Northwest.

Team Spam
Ursa Minor Pictures
RAD! Magazine
Anthropophagy Productions

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