Intergalactic Order Of Spam

The Intergalactic Order of Spam, sometimes referred to as The Order, is the primary legislative branch of the citizens of Pd I Ivu Ssuss, as well as being an institute of art and a defense ministry.


The Order was founded as a response to the invasion of the Vrykk. The founders saw the meticulous structure of the Vrykkian system as a weak point, and used an outpouring of total art and expression to interrupt their broadcasts and spread insanity throughout their ranks. Their combination of passivity to solving any problems and unwavering defiance toward the Vrykk invaders came at a time in the planet's history which made the Order friendly to the public and there was little dissent aimed at their peaceful methods and intended goals.


The Order has several divisions and sub-divisions, often structured similarly to a military but used for purposes other than war.


Notably, each founder was totally insane.

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