Masochism is a Team Spam song split into two separate movements. They appear on the album +.

Masochism Pt. 1: The Hermy is the first part and track number 10 on +. It is a piano piece that tells the story of a hermaphrodite feeling split between two oppressive gender roles in society.

Masochism Pt. 2: The Tranny is the second part and track 11 on +. The story continues as the hermaphrodite decides to receive an operation to become a man that lives as a woman on a farm. The lyrics are recited from the transvestite's perspective.


Did I ever tell you about the time I sucked a horse?
Well, sit right there
I'll tell you

The cock was bigger than I had ever seen
Bigger than your head
Yeah, probably

Horse cum went everywhere
It was a mess
Then I went back inside
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