Team Spam

Team Spam is an experimental comedy band based in Tucson, Arizona, Bellingham, Washington, and Fort Worth, Texas.

Team Spam space alien warrior brethren innovators extreme ambient genre completely serious collaboration many serious musician philosophers, namely Emyu b3nnic3. real names, of course. Outsiders society, stigmatized shameless perform oral sex each other public areas, Team Spam revolutionary band Space Warriors here liberate humans the influences invasive Vrykk. True fuck guys. New album weekly!!?


On the year 11990 HE, Emyu and b3nnic3 were sent to Earth by the Intergalactic Order of Spam, a diplomatic organization that promotes peace and spam. This order states that as no conflict has ever taken place without a logical thought process behind it, a complete breakdown of sense and reason would yield complete peace.

Team Spam was a group originally found on the AAHC forums by Emyu during his off-duty time. It was the name of the people who frequented, and therefore ran, the Spam Arena section of their forums. In an effort to get away from the rest of the AAHC, Team Spam created their own forums. Due to inactivity, everyone slowly left those forums. However, the forums did put Team Spam in contact with b3nnic3. Emyu and b3nnic3 had met before on the NG BBS, but didn't realize it until they were put into contact through their mutual interests of art and absurdist humor. And making fun of Juggalos. WIKKID KLOWNZ WILL NEVA DIE.

Team Spam subsequently died on the AAHC as Emyu and b3nnic3 left. Together, they created a music project under the same name. Thus, Team Spam was born, creating the first official organization for the Intergalactic Order of Spam on Earth.


Emyu and b3nnic3 are the two creative forces behind Team Spam. Other artists contribute from time to time, but rarely does an artist besides Emyu or b3nnic3 appear on more than one track. Because Emyu and b3nnic3 are separated by over 1,500 miles, their work does not usually appear on the same track.


Please note that the dates listed are the times when the music was first widely available by re-release, not when they were initially created and released. Team Spam has been compiling and re-releasing all of their albums in reverse order since 12007.

The Letter H (12007)
Soda Buddies! (12007)
The Agenda (12007)
Untitled (12007)
If I had a tail I'd wag it (12007)
FETUS (12008)
+ (12008)
Boobs & Butts (12008)

The Chihuahua (12007)
Blankets (12007)

Baggage Claim Service (12007)
Bytesized (12007)
Stijl (12007)
Ptical (12007)
Patriarchal Fellatio (TBA)

Team Spam with Dead&Dying - In Dire Irrelevances (TBA)
B2LD Records Vol. 1 (TBA)

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